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I started my graphic design journey about 1.5 yr ago and I’ve also had the chance to hire multiple graphic designers at MarkitUp and for this channel, my agency and we’ve also helped companies hire graphic designers.

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In graphic design, there are 7 basic elements that you need to take care of:
1. Line
2. Shape
3. Color
4. Texture
5. Type
6. Space
7. Image

Graphic Design can be diving into various types like:
1. Brand Identity Design
2. Marketing & Advertising Design
3. Packaging Design
4. Web & User Interface Design
5. Print & Publication Design
6. Lettering & Type Design
7. Graphic illustration
8. Data Visualisation & Infographic Design
Salaries of UI/UX Designers in India are more or less equal to that of a software developer.

Learning the skill of design
Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, XD, Canva, Spark, Sketch, Affinity Design, etc are some of the tools that you’ll be using as a graphic designer.
Canva is surely a great place to start with and its really easy to use. People are charging 4-5K per social media post on Fiverr with Canva
Mistakes amateur designers make include: not learning about contrast, spacing and what type to use.

Before you start applying for opportunities, you need to create a stellar portfolio that shows your best work. It can be a website, it can be your dribbble/behance profile. Keep updating it with the latest work that you think is great.

Getting Clients
This is the interesting part. Once the portfolio is ready, start building your social profiles, start sharing what you’re learning on twitter and linkedin. Start DMing people on Linkedin to see if they’re interested. Apply for job openings. Always remember to not do free work. You can do a demo, but not an unpaid internship by any means.

Freelance Websites you can use include:

Design is one of those creative fields in which you need to get inspired from what other designers are making. You can checkout Dribbble and Behance. These are great sites where you can find a lot of graphic designers and the work they’re doing. You can also connect with them to learn. These can also be a great place to find client work.

Learn to make contracts, invoices, communicating with the client and most importantly: deliver before/on time. This is one of the most things. You have to be aware of how long will some project take you to finish it. Learn to keep track the work you’re doing on a sheet or notes.

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