i made designs for my liked TikToks AGAIN HAHAHA!!

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elliot makes sweet designs for some sweeter tiktoks… very funny video if i do say so myself haha what do you think? do you think im funny? do you think im funny? hey?

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🎶 MUSIC BY RO RAMDIN?!?! ➡ @roramdin
feeling blessed to have used some custom tracks made by Ro herself as well as a bunch from her catalogue on patreon! go check her vids out if you haven’t already! she’s the best!!

😈 ELLIOT’S BEGINNER DESIGN COURSE: https://www.21-draw.com/course/graphic-design-beginners/?rfsn=7702284.62d4df

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0:00 Elliot Sketch and Intro
1:20 Design One
5:38 Design Two
9:02 Design Three
11:52 Design Four
14:47 Design Five
20:16 Grad Show

#graphicdesign #elliotisacoolguy

Thanks so much for watching!