How to Make Websites Mobile-Friendly With Responsive Web Design + More

It’s not too much of a wild guess to say that you’re watching this video on your phone.

In fact, a very large number of people access the Internet from their phones every day. That’s why responsive web design and everything else that makes websites mobile-friendly is so crucial.

If your website is super slow, doesn’t load, or doesn’t work properly on mobile devices, you’re bound to lose customers to competitors who have designed with cell phones in mind.

Carly from the WebFX Interactive team will cover:
00:00:00 // A mobile design overview
00:00:34 // What is responsive web design?
00:01:25 // How to check if your site is mobile-friendly
00:02:06 // The cost of a mobile-friendly website
00:02:53 // 5 tips for having a mobile-friendly website
00:03:04 // Forget the mouse
00:03:26 // Speed things up
00:04:09 // Ask fewer questions
00:04:35 // Watch out for popups
00:05:10 // Slice through large paragraphs
00:05:45 // Contact our web design pros for help

Responsive web design means that your website adapts to different devices, like iPhones, Androids, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers.

While having a responsive website is important, it’s not the only thing you need to do to ensure your website works on smaller devices like phones and tablets.

For example, keeping any contact forms on your site simple can make it easier for mobile users to give you their information. Typing on a phone isn’t always fun (and neither is tapping), so the easier it is for someone to complete an action, the more likely they are to do it.

You can check for responsive web design in a few different ways.
We have an SEO checker on our website where you can learn if your site is mobile-friendly (and so much more):

You can also use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool!
Just paste your URL in the box and the tool will tell you if you need to fix your site.

Depending on how large your site is, you can potentially spend $12,000 to $150,000 getting your pages ready for mobile users.

Carly will explain more about the cost of a mobile website redesign in the video.

Some other helpful resources:
Readability test tool–
The corresponding blog post–

Make Websites Mobile-Friendly: 5 Astounding Tips

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