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Installing VS Code & How Websites Work | Sigma Web Development Course – Tutorial #1

Access the playlist: ➡️ The GitHub Repository of the code will be provided in the upcoming videos ➡️ Notes and CheatSheets will be provided in the upcoming videos! ➡️ We are working on the Subtitles and will upload them soon! TimeStamps: 0:00 Introduction 1:51 SIGMA Web Development Course Intro

A New Web Design Trend Going Into 2024? 👈 Design & code like me. Use “UI2023” for 23% Off! 👈 My upcoming “Advanced Frontends” Course — Today, I’m going to show you a new emerging UI design trend heading into 2024 that utilizes grid design much more than in the past. I’ll feature 8 examples, and

Personal Portfolio Web Development

Let’s write code together and develop personal portfolio using HTML and Bootstrap Please join our discord community to have further discussions on this topic. And many other Tech & Career/Interview topics like python, data science, java script, interview practice, jobs, admission, etc. NOTE: We provide “Free tech courses to upskill