Web Design Contract: Is it Necessary to Start Freelancing?

People often fret when it comes to doing a website without a freelancing contract or they spend weeks or months overthinking what should be in a web design contract instead of having conversations with business owners who need a website.

An agreement of some sort, such as an e-mail with bullet points, is essential to turn a web design client down for work that wasn’t included with the original price.

But think about a situation where someone stiffs you…

Are you really going to get a lawyer involved because they didn’t follow the contract as a freelancer just starting out?

Let me share my two WORST experiences with client work, both of which included signed contracts!

Here are the chapters to follow along:

Intro – 00:00
First story of contract work – 00:27
Second story of contract work – 02:15
Is a web design contract necessary? – 03:55
Now take action – 06:45

Download the web design freelancing contract template here: 👇


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