Website Design Critique

Fans of the Futur submit their web design work for critique and review. The team works in real time to demonstrate how to improve their website.

Websites Reviewed On The Show

Craig Wells

Nicci Van

Eliott Abrahams

Joseph Abraham

Miodrag Karalejic

03:00 10 Heuristics/rules for user interface design by Jacob Nielsen
05:48 Nicci Van – Website Design Critique
07:12 Q: What is your goal for this website?
08:31 Q: What action do you want your lead/potential employer to do?
11:22 Have a contact form and contact information available for leads to choose how to reach you.
15:55 Meta tags are the things that provide data to search engines
16:54 Compress your images for faster loading times and better SEO ranking
21:38 Eliot Abrahams – Website Design Critique
22:50 Q: Specify what type of graphic design that you are in
23:42 Q: When attracting leads and employers, giving them value upfront, instead of asking for things.
25:34 Q: Who are you targeting with this website?
29:05 Q: What would you add to the about page?
29:52 Q: What is your preferred method for client contact?
31:30 Q: What is your opinion on placing a phone number on the page?
33:46 Q: What has stopped you from fleshing out the site more?
36:20 Install user tracking for your website for feedback
36:50 Q: What do you think of web flow?
38:35 Miodrag Karalejic – Website Design Critique
47:27 Path files in CSS allow you to create subtle movement via code.
49:25 What does it mean to minify CSS/Javascript?
52:05 Find out why your elements do not scale down for smaller devices
53:22 Q: Do you have to have a website, couldn’t you just use your Behance profile as a portfolio?
55:40 Injozi – Craig Wells – Website Design Critique
1:00:24 Q: What is the goal for this site?
1:00:54 Q: Can you tell me the context/story for how this came about?
1:01:27 Q: Can you explain the thought process behind using voice?
1:02:48 Q: Why did you want to submit your site?
1:04:17 What’s more important, a gorgeous website or a strong portfolio?
1:12:15 The work/portfolio page is where users can tell if you can get the work done.
1:20:35 Techie Design – Website Design Critique
1:27:17 Who do you want to be on the site?
1:28:30 You must have one user in mind to pull in targeted leads
1:34:33 Make the call to action options available
1:37:09 Provide more examples and proof the work that you provide
1:38:15 Check your WordPress version tags, and consider using jamstack
1:40:57 Donations List & Announcements

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